Covid -19 Update

Covid 19

As we all continue to navigate through these very unique and challenging times, Asteria Productions remains open for the booking of future events, pending the outcome of this global pandemic.  All events that have been booked for 2020 that have been canceled due to Covid-19 will looked to be honored on a future date, pending availability.  If your event has been canceled, please contact us immediately w/ a proposed future date.  Events booked for 2020 that are still scheduled will be honored pending any forced cancellations. 

Our Greek Glendi Week 2021 Trip is officially postponed/canceled until further notice.

This is a very unique time, that I, like others are pausing to reflect.  In 25 years of entertaining, I have seen many things to now include this life changing series of events spearheaded by a pandemic, that has greatly impacted our society and the entertainment industry as a whole.  It is my hope and prayer that we all get through these challenging times safely and more eager to congregate and enjoy each others company and most importantly the love that music gives and brings.


Elias Zarkadoulas

Asteria Productions